Telebanking instruction

To download a digital bank statement:

You can easily download a digital bank statement when you do internet banking at your bank.
For the processing of the credit application, we require a bank statement that is not older than 2 months. The bank statement must show your account number, your name, your address and a credit of your income. You may not cross out, tape or select anything. A 'Print Screen' is also not accepted.
The steps for downloading a digital bank statement can be slightly different for each bank. We have listed the steps for each bank for you.

Here's how downloading a digital bank statement updates:


1. Login to ABN AMRO internet banking

2. Click on Pay on the left of the screen

3. Click Reports

4. Click Download Statements

5. Select the type of statement or statement

6. Select the desired account number and press OK

7. Download the PDF file


1. Log in to My LPN

2. Select the desired account

3. Go to the Debits and credits to your account

5. Enter the data of the period for which you want a printed overview

5. Press the 'Print' button


1. Log in to Rabobank internet banking

2. Click Account statements on the left side of the menu.

3. Select the desired account

4. Check the newest

5. Click on Create (You will then be taken to a page where the status is “busy”)

7. Click on 'Retrieve status' (The status will now change to “Ready, Download”)

8. Click on “Download” to download the bank statement

SNS Bank

1. Log in to SNS internet banking

2. Go to “View credits and debits”

3. Select the desired period

4. Choose “Print PDF

5. Choose Open

Do you have an account with another bank and are you unable to resolve it? Then contact the customer service of your bank.