Lower interest loan for renovation


Borrow money for a renovation

If you want to borrow money for a renovation , a personal loan may be a good solution. You probably know how much money you need for the renovation, how much savings you have and how much money is left as needed through a loan. With a personal loan you choose a clear financial solution. You know exactly how much money you have borrowed, how much you pay monthly in interest and repayment and when you have repaid the loan.

Benefits of a personal loan

The advantage of a personal loan is that you do not have to incur additional costs for this. In the case of a second mortgage, for example, you will owe notary fees. Not with a personal loan; after all, you do not have to visit the notary. Moreover, at Kapssloan we do not charge you any advice and closing costs. So you can count on an inexpensive financial solution with reliable advice that fits well with your situation and wishes.

In addition, you can take out the loan with a term of 180 months, the interest is tax-deductible and Onebank has lowered the rates.

Borrow money for renovation - request a quote

Do you want to start renovating as soon as possible? Request a quote from us online. You often know the same working day whether there are options. If so, we can quickly arrange the loan for you. We will discuss the various options out there very transparently with you, so that you can make the best choice and start your renovation with peace of mind!