When do you opt for the Personal Loan?

You have to make a big outlay, but saving is no alternative now. You therefore want to borrow the money by means of a personal loan. You then know exactly where you stand. With the Personal Loan you know exactly what you pay and how long you pay for the personal loan.

What is the Personal Loan?

With a Personal Loan you know in advance how much you borrow, for how long and what you pay monthly for the loan.

* The interest rate is fixed.

* You repay a fixed monthly amount (interest and repayment).

* The term of the loan is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 180 months.

* You know in advance what the term of your loan will be.

* You will receive the loan amount in one go on your checking account

How do you apply for a personal loan?

You can apply for the Personal Loan online and request multiple quotes for a personal loan for free.

Request your quote for a personal loan here.

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