Transfer a loan and save money

Cost savings, a lower interest rate, everything under one roof: there are countless reasons to transfer your loan (s) to one loan with Kapssloan. Your current loans will be canceled by us. You don't have to worry about it anymore .

Transfer a loan

It is very easy to transfer one or more loans via Kapssloan. You apply for a new loan via the website, indicating which loans you want to transfer. We will then process your request. You then sign the cancellation letter you receive from us and return it to us together with a monthly statement of your current loan. We take care of the rest: your current loan is canceled and repaid.

Save money

How much money you save by refinancing your loan depends on the interest rate of the loan. If you have several loans, it is often cheaper to place them in one loan. Because: the higher the limit, the lower the interest. You will most likely be cheaper with Kapssloan, because the interest you pay with us is one of the most competitive in the Netherlands.

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