Loan costs

Before you take out a loan, it is important that you know the approximate cost of the loan. This way you know in advance where you stand and you will not be faced with surprises afterwards. In addition to paying off the loan, you also pay interest.

Total costs

If you want to know exactly what the loan will cost you, choose a Personal Loan with a fixed interest rate and term. With a Revolving Credit, the total costs of your loan are more difficult to determine because the interest and term are variable. You can also make interim repayments and withdraw them. Kapssloan always clearly states the total costs of your loan, including interest. We are very open about this.

Monthly costs

How much you pay monthly depends on how much you borrow and how much you pay off monthly (the installment amount). If you want to pay off quickly, choose a higher monthly installment. The term of a Personal Loan is a minimum of six months and a maximum of 180 months. The loan amount is a minimum of $ 5,000 and a maximum of $ 75,000, depending on your financial situation and choice. With a Revolving Credit, you always repay at least 1% of the credit limit every month. Good to know: with Kapssloan you pay no administration costs and no closing or consultancy costs.

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