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What is Residual Debt Financing?

Do you have a loss on the sale of your home? Then a residual debt financing may be suitable for you. It is a form of a personal loan with a minimum term of 121 months and a maximum term of 180 months. The interest is fixed for the entire term. The interest is tax deductible.

When must the revolving credit be repaid?

You must have repaid the loan before you are 74 years old.

How much can you borrow?

You can borrow a minimum of $ 15,000 and a maximum of $ 50,000. The amount for the residual debt financing depends on your income, your expenses and your personal situation.

How long do you pay back?

You repay the loan in a minimum of 121 months and a maximum of 180 months

After death

There is no cover against the risk of death.


The interest is fixed during the term and therefore does not change. You know in advance exactly what the term of the loan is and when you have repaid the loan. See also the overview of the interest rates.

How do you pay back?

A current account with a Dutch banking institution is required for payment of your loan and for the collection of the monthly installments due. You pay a fixed amount every month by direct debit. This amount consists partly of interest and partly of repayment (redemption). Withdrawals are not possible.

Are there costs if you pay back more?

If you want to pay off the residual debt financing earlier, there are costs involved:

- 1% if the period between early repayment and the agreed end of the agreement is more than one year.

- 0.5% if that term does not exceed one year

European standard information on consumer credit

European Standard Information on Consumer Credit is available for this product. If you request a quote, you will receive this information aimed at you personally. See here an example.

Terms and Conditions

Check here the terms and conditions remaining debt financing.

Credit Registration Office

Lenders are affiliated with the Credit Registration Office in Tiel, in short 'BKR'. When you make a loan application, the lender will consult the Credit Bureau. If the application is not accepted on the basis of this information, you will be notified. After the credit agreement has been concluded, the loan is registered with the Credit Registration Office. If you are more than 90 days behind with payment, the lender will report this to the Credit Bureau.

What does a residual debt financing agreement look like?

Are you curious about what an agreement looks like? See here an example.

Is the interest deductible?

the interest used for residual debt financing is tax deductible for a maximum of 15 years.

Terms of acceptance

Kapssloan works with a number of banks to provide loans. Each bank applies its own acceptance standards and conditions. To apply for residual debt financing, you must at least meet the following conditions.

  • Your age is a maximum of 64 years
  • You are employed (permanent or temporary employment)
  • You have income from a WAO / WIA benefit
  • You have income from (Pre) Pension or ANW benefit
  • Income at least $ 1,500 net per month
  • No Credit Bureau coding

Money Loan for a VOF, Sole Proprietorship, BV

  • You are 25 or older
  • At least 3 years independently
  • Positive equity
  • Company makes a profit
  • You own an owner-occupied home
  • No Credit Bureau coding

You apply for your residual debt financing online.

You complete the application form online to apply for your residual debt financing. You can also indicate whether you wish to transfer existing loans.

Confirmation of your loan application.

You will be called within 24 hours to confirm your loan application and any additional necessary information will be discussed with you.

You will receive a no-obligation quote.

After receipt of your loan application, your application will be submitted to the banks without obligation. You will then be contacted to discuss your wishes and options and you will receive appropriate and free advice from us, after which we will send you the loan offer by e-mail or by post.

Return the signed quotation.

If you wish to finalize the application for your loan, return the signed quotation, together with the requested documents.

The lender will assess your application.

On the basis of your application and the submitted documents, the lender will reassess your loan application on the basis of the documents you have submitted.

The money will be transferred to you.

As soon as the application for your loan has been definitively approved, the money will be transferred to the notary.